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Muscle Group:


- Shoulder width stance

- Bar rests on upper back

- Hands just outside shoulders

- Full grip on the bar

- Elbows pointed back

- Hips descend down and back

- Hips descend lower than the knees

- Heels down

- Knees in line with toes

- Complete at full hip and knee extension

Back Squat

Muscle Group:


- Feet, Butt, Shoulders, Head all in set position

- Hands are on bar, shoulder width or more apart

- Control weight down

- Fast press upward to full extension of the arms

Bench Press

Muscle Group:

Triceps, Chest

- Feet, Butt, Shoulders, Head, in set position

- Grip is inside width of the shoulders

- Elbows stay tight to body

- Control the weight down to chest, press up fast

Close Grip Bench

Muscle Group:


• Stance = between hip width and shoulder width

• Weight in heels

• Back arched/lumbar curve locked in

• Shoulders slightly in front of the bar

• Bar in contact with the shins

• Arms locked straight

• Symmetrical grip outside the knees, just wide enough to not interfere with knees

• Drive through the heels

• Extend legs while hips and shoulders rise at the same rate

• Once the bar passes the knees, the hip opens all the way up

• Bar maintains contact with the legs the entire time

• Head neutral

• On return to the floor, push hips back and shoulders forward slightly; delay the knee bend

• Once bar descends below the knees and the torso angle is set, return the bar down to the setup position


Muscle Group:

Chest, Shoulders

- Feet, Butt, Shoulders, Head in set position

- Dumbbells start at shoulders / chest

- Dumbbells are pushed vertical in a straight pathway

- Spotter will assist by guiding wrist if needed

Dumbbell Incline Press

Muscle Group:


• Weight on heels

• Lumbar curve maintained

• Chest up

• Elbows high; arms stay parallel to the ground throughout the whole movement

• Butt travels back and down

• Bottom of squat is below parallel (hip crease is below the top of the kneecap)

• Knees track parallel to feet

• Return to full extension at the hips and knees to complete the move

• Head position is neutral

Front Squat

Muscle Group:

Arms, Shoulders

• Stance = hip width

• Hands just outside the shoulders

• Bar in front, resting on the “rack” or “shelf” created by the shoulders

• Elbows down and in front of bar; elbows are lower than in the front squat

• Tight midsection

• Closed grip, with thumbs around the bar

• Drive through heels; keep the whole body rigid; tight belly

• Bar travels straight up to locked out, with active shoulders, directly overhead

• Head accommodates bar (bar path is a straight line)

Shoulder Press

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