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2021-Present Records

Strength Tests

BB Back Squat- Hips must reach knee height

BB Bench Press- Bar must touch chest and arms must return to full extension
Power Clean- Must catch and stand with the bar. 
Combine Bench Press- Bench Press repetition contest (185 lbs for boys, 95 pounds for girls)

Speed and Jump Tests

10 Yard Fly- Measuring top speed from a ten yard distance (30 yard build up, Dashr timing)

20 Yard Dash- Measuring acceleration (Dashr Timing)
Vertical Jump- Measuring vertical jump from standing position (Just Jump mat)
Broad Jump- Measuring horizontal jump from standing position

Combined Scores

Total Score- Cumulative score for all tests (99 points possible)

Strength Score- Combined total weight for squat, bench, and power clean

Speed Score- Combined seconds for 10 yard fly and 20 yard dash

Jump Score- Combined total inches for vertical and broad jumps

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